Best Exercises For Healthy Life.

What are your favorite physical activities or exercises?

There are Multiple Exercises That makes You Physically And Mentally Strong.

For Healthy Life You Must Give at least 30 Minutes for Exercise in a Day.

Some Best Physical Activities and Exercises Are….

  • Run Alteast 2.5 K.M Everyday.
  • Must Do 3×Set of 20 Push ups.It Improves your Muscle Power.
  • Must Do 3×Set Of Sit Up. It Improves your Digestion System Capacity.
  • Must Learn Swimming For Better Life Experience.
  • Must Do “Pranayam,Anulom,Vilom,and Surya Namaskar Exercises Daily.
  • Must Do 3x Set of Chin Up Exercise. It Improves Your Chest Size.
  • Must Perform Hip,Thigh,leg Exercise For improve Lower Body Performance.

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