Best Relations Of My Life

What relationships have a positive impact on you?

Although every relationship has some importance in our life, but there are some relationships which have a deep impact on our life.

Following are the major relationships in my life :-

Son’s sweet relationship with his parents

I have been very fond of my parents since childhood. He has brought me up with great love because I am his only son.

My mother has always taken care of me and my father has supported me in every situation.

The second relationship is that of friendship
Some friends have played an important role in my life,

who understood me and supported me in every situation.

Thirdly, I would like to thank my son Ravi who took care of me not only like a brother but also like a son.

Fourth, I would like to thank the girl who would leave her home for me.

Love is a very sweet feeling which must be felt once in life.

But yes it is said that you cannot marry the person you love deeply.

So don’t think too much about marriage, live today and don’t think about tomorrow.

So these were some of the relationships with the love of my life that I want to maintain forever.

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