Coaching Guidelines: Crackdown on coaching classes, understand the new guidelines in 10 points

Coaching Guidelines: -The Union Education Ministry has issued a detailed guideline for the coaching institutes running across the country.

In which instructions have been given regarding the minimum age limit for the students doing coaching classes and the infrastructure. Let us know the complete guidelines in 10 points.

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Coaching Guidelines: Due to the increasing cases of suicides, accidents etc. of students due to the haphazardly growing coaching business in the country, the Union Education Ministry has prepared a new guideline.

It is mandatory for all coaching institutes to follow it. Actions ranging from a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh to cancellation of registration can be taken against coaching institutes that violate this.

Let us understand the complete guidelines in 10 points.

Coaching Guidelines: Crackdown on coaching classes, understand the new guidelines in 10 points

1. Age limit fixed for doing coaching classes

The Ministry of Education has set the age limit for coaching classes in the guidelines issued regarding coaching institutes. Now one cannot join coaching classes if one is below 16 years of age or before passing high school. Action will be taken against institutions taking admission in violation of this rule.

2. Fee receipt will have to be given

According to the new guidelines, coaching institutes will have to give fee receipts to the students. Also, a prospectus will have to be issued mentioning different courses.

In which information about fees and deposit rules will also have to be given. All necessary information related to coaching will have to be given on the website.

3. Fees will have to be returned if you leave coaching midway

Coaching institutes will also have to provide prospectus and notes to the students without any fee. If the student has deposited the full fee for the course, but is leaving the coaching midway, then the remaining fee will have to be returned within 10 days.

4. At least 1 meter space is required

There will be at least one square meter of space for each student in the coaching class. Apart from this, first aid kit and medical assistance facility are also necessary. There will be clean drinking water and CCTV cameras.

5. Committee for Grievance Redressal

As per the guidelines, a grievance redressal box or register can be kept in the coaching centre. There will be a committee in the coaching center to redress the complaints.

6. Will not be able to do coaching during school hours

According to the new guidelines, students will not be able to take coaching classes during school classes. The coaching class will also have to ensure one day weekly holiday for students and teachers.

Coaching Guidelines: Crackdown on coaching classes, understand the new guidelines in 10 points

7. Coaching institutes will not take any test.

Now no test will be taken on the next day of weekly holiday. Coaching classes will not exceed five hours a day. Also, this will not happen very early in the morning or late in the evening.

8. Coaching institutes will organize counseling sessions

Coaching institutes will have to organize counseling sessions for teachers, staff and students on life skills, scientific temperament, creativity and fitness, wellness, emotional bonding, mental well being, motivation.

9. Will not make the exam results public

According to the new guidelines, coaching institutes will not make public the results of the tests conducted by them. It should be used only for routine analysis of student performance.

10. The campus will be made disabled friendly

Coaching institutes will not discriminate against any student on the basis of religion, caste, race, gender, place of birth, descent etc. The building and surrounding premises of the coaching center will be handicapped friendly.

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