Iran-Pakistan tension: Why did two radical Islamic countries clash, will there be war? Know the answer to every question

Pakistan Attack On Iran: Tension is going on between Pakistan and Iran. Both the countries have carried out air strikes on each other. Also said that their attack is not against common citizens. The air strikes of both the countries have raised questions regarding stability in the region. Let us know the answer to every question related to this.

Iran-Pakistan tension: Why did two radical Islamic countries clash, will there be war? Know the answer to every question
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Pakistan and Iran have attacked each other. Both claimed that the attacks were against terrorists and not civilians. Earlier Iran had attacked in Balochistan of Pakistan.

A day after this, Pakistani Army carried out air strike in Iran. These events spread the fire that started in the Middle East to South Asia. Let us understand the story behind this in detail.

What is the dispute between Iran and Pakistan?

Pakistan-Iran share a border of 900 km. On one side is the Balochistan province of Pakistan. On the other side are Sistan and Baluchistan of Iran.

Both the countries have long fought terrorists in the restive Baloch region on the border. Both have a common enemy which is the spirit of separatism.

The Baloch people living on the border have long protested for independence.

He has always expressed his displeasure with Pakistan and Iran. For this reason this area is a base for rebel forces.

They have equal impact on both sides of the border. Over the years, deadly clashes have been a frequent occurrence on the border.

Who is Jaish al-Adl, whose targets were attacked?

Iran made it clear that it had attacked the targets of Jaish al-Adl. Jaish al-Adl is a terrorist organization.

It was established in 2012. It has been attacking Iranian forces deployed on the border since 2013. The group attacked a police station in Iran in mid-December 2023, killing 11 Iranian policemen.

Jaish al-Adl’s philosophy is that it is fighting for the independence of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province and the rights of the Baloch people.

Iran-Pakistan tension: Why did two radical Islamic countries clash, will there be war? Know the answer to every question
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When Iran and Pakistan have the same enemy, then why attack?

Both countries have common enemies. They are separatists. In such a situation, attacks on each other are being considered strange.

Iran has accused Pakistan of harboring and supporting terrorist groups like Jaish-al-Adl, which are responsible for cross-border attacks.

On the other hand, due to the attack by Iran, the anger of the people in Pakistan towards the government was continuously increasing.

Just before the elections, the caretaker government was in no position to face this protest. In such a situation, Pakistan chose to retaliate.

What is Iran’s intention behind the attacks at this time?

Greater regional conflict has encouraged Iran to become active beyond its borders. Especially as the US has increased military power around Iran to control the region. A day before the attack in Pakistan, Iran fired ballistic missiles at Iraq, Syria.

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Pakistan Retaliates against iran with air strike

Iran claimed that it was targeting Israeli forces and a spy base of anti-Iranian terrorist groups.

Fighting continues between Israel and Hezbollah on the Lebanon border. The US is fighting the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, who attacked ships in retaliation for the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Amidst the entire incident, Iran is trying to emerge as a leader in the region.

Where does India stand in this whole matter?

On Wednesday, a day after Iran’s attack, India’s External Affairs Ministry issued a statement on Iran-Pakistan tension.

The Foreign Ministry said, this matter is between Iran and Pakistan, but as far as India is concerned, our country’s policy regarding terrorism is zero tolerance.

We understand that many countries act in self-defense. On the other hand, America has termed the attacks carried out by Iran as wrong. China has said that both the countries should exercise restraint

Is there any possibility of direct war between two countries?

It does not seem that the two countries will go to war head-on in an attempt to deal with a common enemy.

Both countries have reacted in very strong words after the attacks. Pakistan has described Iran as a friendly country and has talked about facing the problem together.

Iran also responded in the same language and said that their attacks are not against Pakistan but against terrorist groups.

Now Pakistan attacks Iran, claims to attack many terrorist targets in response to Airstrike

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