Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|

If you are also thinking of investing in Alok Industries then read this blog till the end because in this you will read Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|

It is very difficult to predict the future of Alok Industries.

Although this company has given very good returns in the last 1 year, but still this company has a lot of debt,

hence investing in this company without fundamental analysis can be risky.

Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|
Alok Industries
Company INFO

Alok Industries is a textile and real estate company founded in 1986 by Surendra Jivarika.

The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai.

Its biggest promoters are Reliance and JFM Financial Assets.

 Is Alok Industries profitable?

we look at the history of Alok Industries, this company has given good returns to its investors in the last one month, last 1 year, last 3 years and last 5 years.

This company has given returns of 28% in the last one month, 63% in the last 1 year, 4% in the last 3 years and 45% in the last 5 years.

While this company had reached the highest level of Rs 55 in July 2020, in February 2023 it was trading at Rs 10, hence investing in this company without analysis can be risky,

although this company is owned by Reliance. Is operated. Therefore, the possibility of its publication in future seems quite high.

Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|
Can we buy Alok Industries share?

you can easily buy shares of Alok Industries, for this it is mandatory to have a demat and trading account.

And you can invest in it very easily like equity funds through a better broker.

However, I would like to give you an advice that do not invest your money in any stock just by listening to people, first get complete information about the company,

what is its history, what is its industry and what can be its future, Invest only after knowing Everything

Is Alok Industries owned by Reliance?

Alok Industries holds a high promoter stake of 75%, of which about 40% is managed by Reliance Industries and about 35% is managed by JM Financial Assets.

Reliance has invested a lot of money in Alok Industries.

So you can trust this company considering the history of Ambani and Reliance.

However, FII and DII stake in the company is low, so relying on it so early could be a bit risky.

Recently Reliance Industries has invested Rs 3300 crore in Alok Industries, due to which its share price has seen an increase of 20%.

I hope this blog Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|Is very helpful for you.

Who invested in Alok Industries?

Reliance has the largest stake in Alok Industries.

After Reliance, JM Financial Assets has made the maximum investment in it.

Apart from this, some investors have stake in Alok Industries which are as follows :—

  • IEPF – 0.07%
  • LLP – 0.12%
  • Megallan Consulting Ltd. – 0.04%
  • FII & DII – 2.89%
  • Public – 22.5%
What is the main business of Alok Industries?

Alok Industries’ area is quite spread
Although it has many businesses but the main ones are :–

weaving, knitting, processing, home textiles, ready made garments and polyester yarns. It exports 29% of its products to over 88 countries in the US, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Who is the CEO of Alok Industries?

Ram Rakesh Gaud has become the new CEO of Alok Industries in July 2023,

who is a very experienced player in business.

He is paid a salary of Rs 101 lakh per Annum by Alok Industries.

Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|
When was Alok Industries started?

Alok Industries was started 37 years ago i.e. in 1986 by Surendra Jiwarika.

Ram Rakesh Gaur is its current CEO.
Vinod Surekha is its CFO and Hitesh is its company secretary.

Although Alok Industries has been in the market for 37 years, its fortunes changed only when Reliance Industries took over its stake.

How big is Alok Industries?

Alok Industries is a mid cap company with a market cap of Rs 12810 crore and the company has 496 crore shares.

Currently more than 30000 employees work in the company.

However, the company has been incurring losses for quite some time and its PE, PB and EPS are zero.

The same company does not even pay dividends to its investors.

The same company has a debt of more than Rs 22000 crore.

But the company is run by Reliance so it is likely to grow in the future.

Alok Industries is a mid cap company with a market cap of Rs 12810 crore and the company has 496 crore shares.

What is the dividend yield of Alok Industries?

Alok Industries pays a dividend of 1.16% to its investors which is Rs 0.30 per share in Indian Rupees.

In the last 1 year, the company’s ROE is around 1%, ROCE – 6.5%, Sales growth – 5% and Profit growth – 300%, Therefore trusting this company can be risky.

Alok Industries share price target 2025

The share price of Alok Industries is currently trading at ₹25, which made a high of ₹55 in 2020, however,

the company continued to fall downwards after 2020 and the share price of the company is expected to reach ₹10 by February 2023.

But the company has made a good recovery in the last three-four months and by January 2024 the share price has crossed ₹25.

According to the company’s management, the share price of Alok Industries will cross ₹ 100 by the year 2025.

The biggest reason for which is the presence of Reliance Company among its promoters.

Is Alok Industries a Good Buy for Long term|
Is Alok Industries Debt Free

Alok Industries is not a debt free company at all.

This company has a debt of Rs 22000 crore
While its debt-to-Equity ratio is -1.31%
The interest coverage ratio of the same company is also in minus which is -0.79%.

Therefore, if you are thinking of long-term investment in this company, then definitely check its financial position once.

And invest in it only after doing complete fundamental analysis so that your investment is not risky.

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