Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

HDFC is India’s largest private bank and India’s second largest company by market capitalization after Reliance. If you are also thinking of investing in HDFC Bank but are confused whether to do so or not, then this blog is for you,In which you will Read Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|
What is the full form of HDFC?

This question must have come to your mind at some point or the other, what is the full name of HDFC, so let us know the full name of HDFC….

  • H – Housing
  • D – Development
  • F – Finance
  • C – Corporation
Fundamentals Of HDFC Bank ?

HDFC is basically a very strong bank which you can understand based on the parameters given below……

  • Market Cap ‐ 12,77,321.70 Cr.
  • PE24.45
  • PB – 3.15
  • CAR % 19.26%
  • Div. Yield – 1.14%
  • Promoter Holding – 0%
  • ROE – 17%
  • ROCE – 15.73%
  • FII & DII Investor –82.69%
  • CASA – 44.39%
Top Investors Of HDFC

Although the list of investors who have invested in HDFC Bank is quite long,

but I will tell you about the top 10 investors who have invested the most in HDFC Bank…..

  1. SBI Funds Management – 4.52%
  2. LIC – 4.20%
  3. Govt. Of Singapore – 1.94%
  4. The Vanguard Group – 1.86%
  5. HDFC Asset management ‐ 1.81%
  6. UTI Asset management ‐ 1.73%
  7. ICICI Asset management ‐ 1.64%
  8. Nippon Life India AMC – 1.23%
  9. Mirae asset management – 0.86%
  10. ICICI Prudential AMC। ‐ 0.83%
Management Staff of HDFC

The management staff of HDFC is very old and experienced staff.

It is because of a capable management staff that HDFC is performing so well…

  • Shashidhar Jagdishan – CEO
  • S. Vaidyanathan। – DFI
  • Aashima Bhatt – ADM
  • Bhavesh Jawari – CTO
  • Parag Rao – CTO
  • Arup Rakshit – SAM

I hope You Enjoying it Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

Services that HDFC Provides us

HDFC Bank provides better facilities to its customers.

HDFC Bank is a much better bank in terms of customer convenience which provides the following facilities…

  • Auto Loans.
  • Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Personal Loans.
  • Home Loans.
  • Retail Bussiness Banking.
  • Kisan Gold Card.
  • NRI Deposits.
  • Vehicle Loans.
  • Current and Saving account.
  • SHG Loans Etc.

What is the future of HDFC share price?
Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

HDFC is a future growing bank and company
The current market capitalization of HDFC is more than Rs 12,77,321 crore which makes this bank even more reliable.

The same bank is trading at PE ratio of 24 and PB ratio of 3.24 which is a good value for investment.

44% have current and savings accounts in the bank.

Last year, this same bank had made ROE of 15% and ROCE of 17% and given it to its investors.

Currently HDFC is trading at Rs.1682 which will cross Rs 2000 in the coming 1 to 2 years, so if you want to invest for a long time then HDFC can be a better option for you.

What is the return of HDFC Bank in 10 years?

HDFC share was trading around Rs 330 in December 2013, which is now trading at Rs 1680 in December 2023.

From this you can definitely see that this bank has given multibagger returns to its investors.

HDFC Bank has generated returns of over 20% for its investors in the last 10 years.

Therefore, long term investment in this bank may prove to be better.

You are Reading Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

What is the future share price of HDFC in 2030?

According to HDFC management, HDFC share price will definitely cross the 3000 mark by 2030.

On this day i.e. on 27th December 2000, the share price of HDFC was trading at Rs 22,

which today, exactly 23 years later on 27th December 2023, is trading at Rs 1682.

From this graph you can see that the bank has given positive returns to its investors year after year.
HDFC Bank has made a low of Rs 1460 and a high of Rs 1752 in the last 52 weeks and is currently trading at Rs 1682.

Therefore we can say that the future of HDFC Bank is looking quite clear and bright.

Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|
What is the 5 year return of HDFC Bank?

HDFC is the largest private sector bank in India and a growing bank.

which has given returns to its investors of 10% in last one month, 3% in last 1 year, 6% in last 3 years and 9.6% in last 5 years.

So you can rely on it for long term investments.

Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|
Why HDFC is better than ICICI?

However both ICICI and HDFC are the best private sector banks in India.

But there are some areas in which HDFC is ahead of ICICI which are as follows…..

  • The market cap of HDFC is more than that of ICICI Bank.
  • While the market cap of HDFC is more than Rs 12 lakh crore, the market cap of ICICI Bank is around Rs 6 lakh crore.
  • HDFC Bank gives a dividend yield of 1.14% on its investments,
  • while ICICI Bank gives a dividend yield of 0.8% on its investments.
  • HDFC’s PB ratio is 3.15 and ICICI Bank’s PB ratio is 3.29 which makes ICICI Bank slightly overvalued.
  • The EPS of HDFC is Rs 68 and the EPS of ICICI Bank is Rs 53.
What is special about HDFC Bank?

Everyone must have heard the name of HDFC, but do you know some special things related to HDFC?

If not, then let us know those special things related to HDFC which make this bank even more special…..

  • HDFC Bank is the largest private bank in India and the largest bank in India by market capitalization and the sixth largest in the world.
  • HDFC Bank also allows NRIs to keep deposits.
  • HDFC Bank gives better dividend yield to its investors which gave a dividend of ₹ 17 on one share in the year 2023.
  • Apart from this the bank provides savings account, personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan, business loan, tractor and agriculture loan and many other facilities to its customers.
  • By December 2023, the bank will have more than 8000 branches and more than 18000 ATMs.
  • HDFC ranks second in India in terms of branches and ATMs, with over 22000 branches and over 62000 ATMs, ahead of only SBI Bank.
What is the interest of 1 lakh FD in HDFC?
Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term|

HDFC gives 7% return on FD.

That means, if you invest Rs 100000 in HDFC, your money will become Rs 123000 in 1 year and Rs 141000 in the next 3 years.

Similarly, your money will grow at a growth rate of 7% year on year.

What is the dividend of HDFC Bank in 2023?

HDFC is a better company in terms of dividend.

HDFC Bank has given a dividend yield of 1.14 percent to its investors in the year 2023, which is Rs 17 per share.

That is why if you are thinking of investing in HDFC only for dividend, then this can also be a better option for you.

Does HDFC work in USA?

Yes, HDFC Bank operates in USA also.

HDFC Bank allows NRIs to deposit in the bank

But yes keep in mind that HDFC does not have any physical branches in the United States.

HDFC Cable allows NRIs to deposit through online mode only

Is HDFC Debt Free ?

HDFC Bank is not a debt free bank.

HDFC Bank has a debt of more than $39 billion in the year 2023.

which has increased by $11 billion compared to the year 2022.

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in HDFC, then do its fundamental analysis once.

However, its debt to equity ratio is quite low so you can invest in it.

I hope you liked this blog Is HDFC Shares Good for Long term and got answers to all your questions related to investing in HDFC.

For more information you can check by visiting the official website of HDFC, the link of which is given below….👇👇👇


Is HDFC Bank bigger than SBI?

By Market cap hdfc is bigger than sbi.
HDFC market cap is Above 12 lakh crores and SBI market cap is around 6 lakh crores.

Which bank is more secure HDFC or SBI?

according to me SBI is more Secure than me because it’s Goverment bank.

Who is owner of HDFC Bank?

Mr.HT Parekh|

What is the salary of HDFC CEO?

Above 3 crore per month

How rich is HDFC Bank?

Above 150 billion dollars

Where is the headquarter of HDFC Bank?


When was HDFC Bank founded?

August 1994,Mumbai

What is the rank of HDFC Bank in the world?

7th Rank in all over world|

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