Is It Good Time To Buy IRCTC Share

If you are also thinking of buying IRCTC or are confused about whether to keep it for a long time or not, then this blog is only for you, in which you will know Is It Good Time To Buy IRCTC Share

Yes, this is the best time to buy IRCTC shares as IRCTC is making new highs every day.

IRCTC has made a high of 916 and low of 556 in the last 52 weeks and is currently trading at 868.

This company has a monopoly in its sector.

It is a company run by the Government of India, which provides all types of services in Railways to its customers.

Therefore this is a better time to buy this top.

Full Form Of IRCTC
  • I – Indian
  • R – Railway
  • C – Catering and
  • T – Tourism
  • C – Corporation
Fundamentals Of IRCTC
  • Market Cap – 68872 Cr.
  • PE – 64.9
  • PB ‐ 24.2
  • Div. Yield – 0.67%
  • Debt to Equity – 0
  • ROE >5 Years – 34.39%
  • ROCE> 5 Years – 49.16%
  • Promoter Holding – 63.23%
  • Interest Coverage Ratio – 85.03
  • FII & DII Holdings – 7.5% & 10.3%
Is It Good Time To Buy IRCTC Share
What is the target of IRCTC share price?

The management of IRCTC has clearly stated that they want to take their share price to Rs 900 by the end of 2023.

Talking about it, the management of IRCTC company wants to take the share price to Rs 1500 by 2025, which is their target.

The way IRCTC is touching new heights every day.

It is clear that in the next two-three years this company will easily reach the target of Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 and by 2030 its share price can cross Rs 2500. .

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Is IRCTC safe for investment?

Yes, IRCTC can be the best option for long term investment as it has monopoly in its sector, also there is no rival company in the railway sector.

At the same time, its financials are also advising to invest in it.

The market cap of IRCTC company is Rs 69000 crore, which makes it reliable. Apart from this, there is zero percent debt on this company.

This company also gives a dividend yield of 0.67 percent on its investments and the company has a superior promoted holding of 63%.

Therefore you can invest in this company without any doubt.

Will IRCTC stock go up?

Yes, without any question, IRCTC’s share is going to increase in the coming times, a living example of which you have seen in the last few days.

IRCTC has given good returns on its investment of 9% in the last one week, 24% in the last one month and 35% in the last one year,

which shows that this company is going to grow a lot in the coming time.

Therefore, there should be no doubt whether IRCTC’s share will increase or not.

Who owns IRCTC?

IRCTC company is run by the Government of India.

The largest investment in this company is from the Government of India which is about 62%.

Apart from this, life insurance company LIC also has a better stake of 6 to 7 percent in it.

Therefore we can say that IRCTC company is run by the Government of India.

Is IRCTC share price overvalued?

Yes, if we look at the financial statements of IRCTC company, this company is overvalued.

IRCTC company is trading at PE of 65 which is quite high.

The company’s PB ratio is 24, which means the company is trading at 24 times its true intrinsic value, making it a more valuable company overall.

However, this company has no debt and the company has been performing well for a long time, so this company can be trusted.

Why is IRCTC share increasing?

The biggest reason for the increase in the share price of IRCTC is the Government of India

because the Government of India has given a lot of encouragement to this sector and has talked about opening new schemes and new railway tracks.

The benefits of which are clearly visible in this sector.

The second biggest reason is that this company has a monopoly in its field.

This company has no rivals in this field. This company definitely benefits from this.

Talking about the third factor, the Indian market is running at all time high,

which is also benefiting this company, hence its market price is increasing.

The fourth biggest factor is that this company gives very low dividends to its investors and this company has also paid off its entire debt, due to which the chances of success in it have increased a lot.

Can we hold IRCTC for long term?

Yes, without any doubt, you can hold IRCTC stock for the long term as it has great growth potential. It holds a monopoly in its sector and has been giving excellent returns for a long time.

The company has grown ROE at 34% and ROCE at 45.9% in the last 03 years which makes it even better and reliable.

Is It Good Time To Buy IRCTC Share
Is IRCTC debt free?

Yes, IRCTC company is absolutely debt free company which makes it most special.

Although the company had debt for a long time, but the company gradually paid it off and today the company has no debt,

so you can invest in it without any hesitation.

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What is the dividend of IRCTC share in 2023?

IRCTC pays much lower dividends to its investors than many other large companies.

The company gave a dividend of 0.67% last year, which is not that much.

The face value of the company is ₹2, which means the company paid a dividend of 5 to 7 Rupess per share to its investors.

That means if you have ₹ 100000 then you can buy around 116 to 120 shares of IRCTC.

The same company will give you a dividend of Rs 116×8=928 annually.

However, dividends can be paid annually, quarterly or even once in 6 months.

What is the stock price prediction for IRCTC in 2025?

IRCTC is a growing company and the government has also given special incentives to this sector, which will definitely benefit it in future.

The company can touch the figure of 1500 by 2025, which its management has also estimated.

The biggest specialty of IRCTC is that it has a monopoly in its area.

Who is the biggest shareholder of IRCTC?
  • Govt of India – 62.7%
  • LIC – 7.3%
  • The Vanguard Group – 1.2%
  • SBI management Fund– 0.254%
  • Others – 28%

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Who is the owner of IRCTC?

ministery of Railways,Got of India

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