Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis|

PNB is the third largest private sector bank in India.
And if you are also thinking of investing in PNB shares then this blog is for you only in which you will read Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis|

Fundamentals Of Punjab National Bank

The fundamentals of PNB Bank appear strong. The market cap of the bank is more than Rs 1 lakh crore,

which places it in the category of large cap company. The pay ratio and PV ratio of the bank is also quite good.

The same bank also gives a dividend yield of 0.67 percent to its investors.

Comapny Essential
PNB Management Staff

The management staff of PNB is a skilled and experienced staff with years of experience.
Following are the key officers of PNB management staff:

  • Shri Atul Kumar Goel – CEO & MD
  • K.Ananthakrishnan – Non-Executive Chairman
  • Sh.Kalyan Kumar – Executive Director
  • Sh.Binod kumar – Executive Director
  • M. Parmasivam – Executive Director
  • Sh.Bibhu Prasad – Executive Director
  • Smt.Uma sankar – RBI Nominee Director
What is the target price of PNB in 2025?

The Government of India is giving a lot of incentives to the banking sector, which will also benefit PNB Bank.

While the share price of the bank was trading around ₹50 in January 2023, the share price has reached close to ₹100 in January 2024,

thus the bank has given a multibagger return of 65% in the last 1 year.

And now bank shares are available at good prices, so you can invest in them for a long time.

Looking at the increase in the share price of the bank in the last one year,

it can be estimated that the share price of this bank may cross the figure of ₹ 200 by the year 2025.

The management of the company has also set the same target that they will take the share price of the company above ₹200 by 2025.


This Blog Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis|will help you to start your investment journey.

Will PNB pay dividend?

Yes, PNB Bank gives dividend yield to its investors.

In the year 2023, the companies had given a dividend yield of 0.67% which was ₹ 0.65 per share.

Although this dividend cannot be considered very high but the company is profitable and hence is paying dividend,

hence there is a better opportunity to buy the company for long term investment.

What is the highest price of PNB share?

If we talk about the all-time high share price of PNB company, then in 2010 the share price of the company had reached Rs 264,

after which the company kept falling continuously and by the year 2021 the share price of the company came to Rs 26.

But since then, the company’s share price has been gradually increasing and currently by January 2024,

the company’s share price has reached around ₹ 100 and it is likely to increase further in the future, so you can invest in the long term.

Punjab national bank
What is the dividend price of PNB share in 2023?

The company had given a dividend yield of 0.64 percent to its investors in the year 2023, which was Rs 0.65 per share.

The company keeps giving dividends to its investors continuously, hence this company can prove useful for you in terms of dividends also.

Is PNB a government bank?

Punjab National Bank is a private sector bank which is operated by the Government of India.

This bank was established in 1894. This bank is the third largest public sector bank of India,

which has more than 200 million customers, more than 13000 bank branches and more than 15000 ATMs.

You are Reading very interesting blog Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis|

How many shares are there in PNB?

PNB Bank is a large cap bank with a market cap of more than Rs 1 lakh crore and the company currently holds more than 1101.7 crore shares.

What are the disadvantages of PNB?

Although PNB bank is a better bank whether it is on the basis of market cap, customer base or popularity,

but still there are some shortcomings in this bank which you will be able to read through the picture given below.

Pros & Cons (SOURCE)
Is PNB stock undervalued?

No, PNB Bank is not an undervalued bank.
On the basis of intrinsic value,

the share price of PNB should be currently trading around Rs 92 but currently the share price is above Rs 97 which makes it 5% overvalued.
Thus we can say that PNB share is 5% overvalued.

I hope this blog Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis| Is going very informative for your further investment.

What is the rank of PNB in India?

PNB Bank is a very big bank of India and it was also the first local bank of India.

Based on customer numbers, this bank is the third largest private sector bank in India which comes under the Government of India.

Top Shareholders in Punjab national bank

Most of the promoter holding of PNB is with the Government of India, but apart from the Government of India,

there are also promoters who have a good stake in this company, which are mentioned below :-

  • LIC – 8.34%
  • Quant mutual fund – 1.09%
  • SBI contra fund – 3.23%
Shareholding Patterns (SOURCE)
Conclusion of Is PNB Stock a good buy for Long term|Fundamental analysis|

After doing a complete analysis of PNB Bank, we have come to the conclusion that if you are a long-term investor then this bank is offering a very good buying opportunity for you.

The fundamentals of the company are also quite strong and the promoter holdings of the company are also good.

The PE and PB ratios of the same company are also tradable now.

The same company also gives continuous dividend to its promoters and in the last one year the company has made a return of more than 40%.

That is why if you are a long term investor then you can invest in this company without any hesitation.

Which is the No 1 bank in India?

HDFC is the no 1 private sector bank in India.It’s market cap is above 12 lakh crore.

What are the 4 big banks in India?

1. SBI

Which bank has most ATMs in India?

SBI is on the top in this list with more than 66,050 ATM’s.

What is the ATM limit for PNB?

25,000 per day is the limit of PNB Bank ATM’s

How many transactions are free in PNB ATM?

PNB provides 5 free transactions per month at PNB ATMs located in Metro and Non-Metro Areas.

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