Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|

Although everyone knows that Reliance is a good company, but from the investment point of view, is Reliance really a good company? If such questions also come in your mind then this blog is going to answer all your questions which you are going to read Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|

Reliance Chart Since 2002 (Source)
RIL Company Fundamentals
  • Founded In – 1973
  • CEO – Mukesh Ambani
  • Market Cap – 17,63,644 Crore
  • PE Ratio – 25.75
  • PB Ratio – 2.35
  • Div. Yield – 0.35%
  • Debt to Equity – 0.42
  • Share Price – 2607
  • 52 Week High/Low – 2634/1979
What is the future of Reliance share in 2025?

Although the company has not performed well in the last one year,

still the fundamentals of the company are quite strong and the management of the company is also quite active,

hence there is every possibility of its share price increasing in the future.

According to the management, they have set a target of taking the share price above Rs 3500 by 2025.

And being a safe investor you can show confidence in Ambani and his management.

Will Reliance grow in future?


There is no doubt whether Reliance will go up or not.

Reliance is going to go up a lot in the coming years and the fundamentals of this company are also very strong,

hence this company should be the best and safe option for long term investment can do

The company has given a return of 19% in the last 5 years, so you can show confidence in this company.

The same Ambani dominates the entire market, so you can show trust in him.

RIL Analysis (

You are Reading Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|

What was Reliance highest share price?

Reliance Company has made a high of ₹2856 and a low of ₹2180 in the last 01 year.

Talking about the all-time high of the company, the company had made an all-time high of Rs 2841 in July 2023.

Can Reliance touch 10000?

If we look at the company’s performance in the last one year,

it is very difficult to say whether the company will be able to cross the Rs 10,000 mark in the coming time or not,

but we look at the company’s fundamentals and management, then in the coming years The company will definitely do well.

The figure of 10 thousand can also be touched in five-seven years.

The company has earned less than 1% in the last 1 year but has given a tremendous return of 19% in the last 5 years.

The biggest thing is that Reliance company is the biggest company in India, so you cannot doubt it.

It can be expected that by the year 2030 the share price of the company will reach around the figure of 10000.

What is the main business of Reliance?

Reliance is a company associated with the refinery sector.
Its main products are as follows :–

  • Gapco
  • Auto LPG
  • A1 Plaza
  • R-Care
  • Quick-Mart
  • IStore
  • ResQ
  • Ajio
  • Awaasa
  • Netplay
What was the price of Reliance stock in 1991?

Reliance company has shown very good growth in the last few years.

The share price of the company was trading at ₹ 12 in the year 1991 and today in the year 2024 it has crossed the figure of ₹ 2600.

Whereas the share price of Reliance is trading around Rs 64 in the year 2000, Rs 529 in the year 2010, Rs 1984 in the year 2020 and Rs 2600 in the year 2024.


I hope this Blog Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|will help you to Analyze Reliance Industries.

How many shares does Reliance have in total?

Reliance Company currently holds 676 crore shares.

Its market cap is more than Rs 17 lakh crore.

However, the face value of the company is ₹10, so the chances of a stock split in the future are high.

Due to which the investors of this company are going to benefit

So if you have not invested in this company yet then you can.

Who are the major investors in RIL?

The promoter has a strong stake in this company which is around 50%, while the foreign investor’s stake is 22%,

the domestic investor’s stake is 16% and the public’s stake is 10%.

The list of major investors of Reliance is as follows :–

  • Europacific Growth Fund – 1.97
  • Government Of Singapore – 1.40
  • Investor Education And Pr – 0.55
  • Life Insurance Corporatio – 6.4
  • SBI Mutual Funds – 1.96
  • Investor Education And Pr – 1.1
What is the price of Reliance stock in the next 10 years?

If the analysis of the company is seen not from the trading perspective but from the investment perspective,

then the company is going to grow a lot in the coming 10 years because the Indian economy is also growing and India is a developing country.

If India’s economy remains good then Reliance, which is India’s largest company, is undoubtedly going to grow.

While today the share price of the company is trading around Rs 2600, we can fully expect that in the next 10 years this share price will cross the figure of Rs 10000.

Therefore, investing in this company for the long term can be both beneficial and safe for you.

Is Reliance stock overvalued?
Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|

If seen from the intrinsic value perspective, the current share price of Reliance Company should have been Rs 2580,

but currently the share price of Reliance is Rs 2610, hence the company has now become 1% overvalued.

However, the company’s fundamentals are strong and it is not overvalued, so you can invest in it without any hesitation.

What if I invested 10000 in Reliance in 1990?

If you had invested ₹10,000 in Reliance Industries Shares in 1990, in 34 years back, your investment would have grown to ₹22.21 Lakh by the end of 2024.

This represents a positive return of 22112% from 1990 to 2024, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2%.

Is Reliance Debt Free


Reliance company is not debt free.

The company has a debt of Rs 2,15,843 crore, although its debt to equity is 0.45%.

Therefore, the chances of the company going bankrupt due to debt are very less.

Therefore, if you are a long term investor then you can invest in it without any fear.

I Wish You Will become the First Billionaire of Your City and Town. Thanks to read this Blog Is Reliance a Good Buy For Long Term|Fundamental analysis|

Who is the first CEO of Reliance?

Dhirubhai Ambani Founder of Reliance compnay was also its first CEO.

Who is Manoj Modi in Reliance?

Manoj modi is a Director of Reliance jio and Reliance retail.

Who is Reliance CFO?

venkatchari srikanth is the present CFO of Reliance.

What is Ambani age?

66 years by 2023.

What is full name of Jio?

J – joint
I – Implementation
O – Opportunity

What is the full form of CFO?

C – Chief
F – Financial
O – Officer

When did Reliance start?


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