Is Varun Beverages a Good Buy For Long Term

If you are also thinking of investing in Varun Beverage Company or have already invested and you also have a question in your mind whether you should invest in this company for the long term, then this blog is only for you. I will tell you Is Varun Beverages a Good Buy For Long Term

Varun Beverages Share Price

Varun Beverages is a consumer goods company, which has made a high of Rs 1178 and a low of Rs 550 in the last 52 weeks and is currently trading at Rs 1380.

  • 52 Week High 1178
  • 52 Week Low 550
  • Current Price 1380
Can Varun Beverages be a multibagger?

Varun Beverage Company has given excellent returns of 8% in the last one week, 11% in the last one month and 68% in the last one year.

which clearly shows that this company can become a multibagger in the coming times.

Therefore investing in it can be a better option for you

1 Week Return – 8%

1 month return – 11%

1 year Return – 68%

Is Varun Beverages a Good Buy For Long Term
What is the long term target for VBL?

Varun Beverages can prove to be a better company for long term investment because this company has given a return of 68% to its investors in the last one year.

Varun Beverage Company has monopoly in its field due to which the chances of giving multibagger returns in future are high, so do not be afraid to invest in it.

Is Varun Beverages stock overvalued?

Yes, Varun Beverages is An Overvalued Compnay.

Although Varun Beverages is an overvalued company whose PE ratio is around 98

which is considered quite high but still the growth potential in this company is quite high

so analyzing it and investing in it can be a better decision.

The PB ratio of this company is 23 which is considered quite high but due to monopoly in its field, investing in it can be a better option,

hence by doing fundamental analysis you can consider this company for the long term.

What is the future of Varun Beverages?

According to market experts, Varun Beverages can be considered a company of the future which has monopoly in its field and produces big brands like Pepsi, Fanta, Miranda.

At present this company is trading at Rs 1303, which can reach Rs 1500 by 2025 and Rs 2000 by 2030.

In simple words, the future looks very bright for Varun Beverage Company, so don’t be afraid to invest in it.

You Are Reading Is Varun Beverages a Good Buy For Long Term

What is the target price of Varun Beverages in 2030?

Indian economy is an emerging economy which has full potential to become one of the top 3 economies of the world by 2030.

The Indian stock market is also going to benefit from this and if we talk about Varun Beverage Company then this company is strong.

Which manufactures products like Pepsi Mirinda in India and has monopoly in its field,

hence the possibility of growth of this company in future is very high and by the year 2030 this company can cross the figure of 3000.

If we also look at the financial position of Varun Beroz Company

This company gives a dividend of 0.35% to its investors and its promoter holding is more than 60% which makes this company even more reliable.

The face value of this company is ₹5, so the chances of its stock getting split in the future are quite high.

The ROE of this company is 25% and ROCE is 22% which is considered quite good.

In the last one year, this company has seen an increase of 60% in sales and 160% increase in profits.

Is Varun Beverages a Good Buy For Long Term
What is the target of Varun Beverages in 2025?

For some time now, there has been tremendous growth in the Indian stock market,

the benefit of which is being benefited by almost every good company in India, of which Varun Beverages is also one.

In the last 1 year, the share price of Varun Beverages has increased from Rs 560 to Rs 1303 today and by 2025, there is every possibility that the share price will reach between Rs 2500 to Rs 3000.

The management of Varun Beverage Company has clearly said that they will take their share price above Rs 2000 by 2025.

Is VBL debt free?

No, Varun Beverages is not a debt free company but this company has a debt of Rs 3400 crore, however the debt equity ratio of this company is 0.63 which is considered very good, hence debt is not any kind of hindrance in investing in this company.

The interest coverage ratio of Varun Beverage Company is 12,

which is considered very good, that is, this company has so much assets that if it wants, it can repay its loan 12 times at one go.

The higher the interest coverage ratio, the better.

Who is the competitor of Varun Beverages?

Although Varun Beverage Company has almost monopoly in its field in India, still it has some competitors whose names are given below.

  • Nestle
  • Britannia
  • Marico
  • Devyani Industries
  • Jubilant Foodworks
What product is manufactured in Varun Beverages?

Although Varun Beverages is a FMCG sector company, it has some important products in the manufacturing of which they have monopoly in India and they have a contract with the world’s largest company, Pepsi.

  • Pepsi
  • Mountain Dew
  • Tropicana
  • Mirinda
  • Nimbooz
  • Aquafina
Is Varun Beverages a FMCG company?

Yes Varun Beverages is a FMCG Company.

Why is VBL share rising?

There has been a huge jump in the share price of Varun Beverage Company because this beverage company has a monopoly in its field

And it has a contract with Pepsi, one of the largest companies in America, due to which it is making huge profits.

Pepsi has talked about increasing the contract with Varun Beverages, the effect of which is clearly visible on the share price of Varun Beverages Company.

The company is continuously touching new heights one after the other and has earned 68 percent returns on its investment in the last 1 year.

How many shares does Varun Beverages have?

The market cap of Varun Beverage Company is Rs 169287 crore and this company has 129 crore shares.

If seen in terms of market cap, this company is a big company

and there is a high possibility of its shares being split in the future because the face value of this company is currently trading at ₹5.

What are products of Varun Beverages?

Pepsi, Pepsi Black, Mountain Dew, Sting, Seven-Up, Mirinda Orange, Seven-Up Nimbooz Masala Soda and Evervess.

Who owns Varun Beverages?

Varun Beverages Ltd, part of the RJ Corp group.

Who is the CEO of Varun Beverages?

Kapil Agarwal.

Is Varun Beverages debt free?

Around 33 Thousand Crore.

Is Varun Beverages a FMCG company?

Varun Beverages is now India’s fourth-largest FMCG firm after crossing Britannia’s market cap.

Who is the founder of Varun?

Mr. V Prabhu Kishore

What is the dividend of Varun Beverages in 2023?

1.25 रुपये Per Share.

How many plants of Varun Beverages are there in India?

Around 32 Plants in India and 06 Plants Overseas.

What are the best products of Varun Beverages?

Coca Cola

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