Murder case: A mother murdered her son in Goa.

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Goa where a mother killed her four-year-old child because he was going to meet his father.

Panaji: Suchana Seth, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an AI-based startup company, created a sensation across the country. He killed his own 4 year old son. This matter surprised everyone. On Saturday, Goa Police called Suchana Seth’s husband for questioning.

Her husband told the police that Seth did not allow him to meet his son for the last 5 Sundays.

Venkat Raman reached Investigating Officer (IO) Paresh Naik from Bengaluru in the afternoon to record his statement.

Police opinion on the matter

According to the police, Soochana Seth, after allegedly strangulating her son to death in a service apartment in North Goa’s Candolim, kept his body in a bag and took a taxi back to Bengaluru, but on January 8, she was found in Karnataka. Found dead. He was arrested midway in Chitradurga.

Suchna Seth did not want to let father and son meet

Murder case: A mother murdered her son in Goa.
Suchna Seth arrested by Police

According to the information, Khooni Maa did not want the relationship between son and father.

The lawyer said that he does not know what caused the murder and can only give information as to why he committed such an act.

“The reason for the crime is only a guess,” he said. Perhaps she did not want the child to meet his father or have any emotional attachment to him.

Seth and Raman were married 10 years ago

Seth and Raman married in 2010 and filed for divorce eight years later, the lawyer said.

Earlier in the day, a police officer said Raman claimed in his statement that Seth had not allowed him to meet his son for the last five Sundays.

According to police, the woman strangled her son to death before attempting suicide by slitting her wrists.

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