My Favourite Purchasing

List your top 5 grocery store items.

Although there aren’t many grocery store-bought items in my life, there are a few things that are very close to my heart that I have purchased, mostly widgets.

Although every person always keeps buying something new, but there is definitely some such thing which remains in everyone’s mind throughout their life or is the most beloved thing in their life.

I’ll also be sharing my favorite things that I’ve purchased.

Most Valuable Purchasing
  1. HP Laptop ‐ 42k
  2. Intex Speaker ‐ 5.5k
  3. One Plus Phone – 25k
  4. First Suit for Mother ‐ Invaluable
  5. Phone For Family – 19k
My Upcoming Purchasis

KTM DUKE 200 (2024)

My Favourite Purchasing
2.25L On Road

Tata Nexon Dark Edition (2028)

My Favourite Purchasing
14-15 Lakh On Road

IPhone 13 (2025)

55K On Amazon

Smartphone for Mom (2025)

42K on Amazon

All the above items will be taken before 2030

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