Noida: Stabbed due to personal rivalry, tied to bike and dragged, death… Horrible incident in Baraula, Sector 49

Noida Crime News:

A case of murder due to personal rivalry has come to light in Baraula of Sector-49 Kotwali area of Noida. The man was stabbed and tied to a bike. After this he was taken to Baraula village. After the death of the person, he was thrown near the police post. The accused surrendered before the police.

Noida: Stabbed due to personal rivalry, tied to bike and dragged, death... Horrible incident in Baraula, Sector 49
Noida murder (

Noida: A horrific incident of murder has come to light in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. One person was murdered due to personal rivalry. This incident of murder is shocking. Actually, the person was stabbed due to personal rivalry. After this the accused tied him to the bike. He was taken around the entire village. After this, the seriously injured person was taken and thrown in front of the police post.

The accused surrendered themselves. Due to the incident, an atmosphere of chaos was created from the police post to the village. An attempt was made to vandalize Barula outpost in protest against the incident at around 11 pm on Saturday night. The police took the injured to the hospital. He died there. In view of the tension after the incident, heavy police force has been deployed in the village.

stabbed after an argument

The incident happened on Saturday night. Anuj and Nitin had an altercation with village resident Mehndi Hasan on Saturday night. Anuj, a resident of Barola, works in a private hospital. Nitin is his cousin. He does milk work. Mehndi Hasan used to work as a driver. After an altercation with Mehndi, Anuj and Nitin stabbed him. After this they tied it to the bike and started dragging it. Took him around the entire village. CCTV footage of this incident is now going viral.

brought to the police station and beaten

Anuj and Nitin took Mehndi Hasan to Barauli police post after taking him around the entire village. By this time a large number of spectators had reached there. After throwing the mehendi in the police station, both of them surrendered. After this people tried to vandalize the post. There was chaos in the police post. The police took the injured Mehndi Hasan to the district hospital. There he died.

Anuj’s father was attacked

Mehndi Hasan is accused of stabbing and injuring him in 2018. Noida’s Additional DCP Manish Mishra said that in the year 2018, Mehndi Hasan had stabbed Anuj’s father. He was injured in this. A case was registered against Mehndi Hasan in the local police station. Since then Anuj had a grudge against Mehndi Hasan. Recently there was talk of the court issuing a warrant against Mehndi Hasan.

There were several altercations between Mehndi Hasan and Anuj. There was increased tension between the two on this issue. Both of them had clashed on the same issue on Saturday night also. After this, Anuj who came with Nitin stabbed Mehndi. Additional DCP said that both the accused have been arrested.

Rumor of Sir Kalam

There was also a rumor in Barauli that the accused beheaded Mehndi. But, the police has denied this. Police say that Mehndi Hasan was admitted to the district hospital in an injured condition. He died there. The police also denied any attack on the post in protest against the incident. Police say that there was no incident of vandalism at the post. The police reached there and removed the gathered people.

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