Ramlala Virajman: Pran Pratishtha lasted for 45 minutes, rituals started from January 16, worship was done for 10 hours every day.

Ramlala Virajman: Pran Pratishtha lasted for 45 minutes, rituals started from January 16, worship was done for 10 hours every day.
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The ritual of consecration of Ram Lalla lasted for 45 minutes on Monday. The ritual started at 12:10 pm with the resolution while Purnahuti was concluded with the offering of havan to the idol and the deities. The ritual of Pran Pratishtha started with the Atonement Worship on 16th January. Worship continued for eight to ten hours daily.

Like every day, before the consecration of life, the Vedic Acharyas woke up Ramlala with Vedic mantras. After this, invocation with Vedic mantras took place. After Pran Pratistha, Vasodhara puja was performed in the Yagya Mandap. The branches of Rigveda and Shukla Yajurveda were presented as Homa and Parayan. After this, coconut was put in the fire in the evening and a stream of ghee was offered on it. After this, the deities were immersed by performing Havan. Before this, on January 16, penance worship and karmakuti worship were performed. On January 17, the Kalash was established along with the water procession.

Ganesh Ambika Puja, Mandap Pravesh, Yagya Bhoomi and Vastu Puja took place on 18th January. After this the idol started living. Aushadhivas, Kesaradhivas, Ghritadhivas and Dhanyadhivas took place on 19th January. On January 20, 81 Kalash were installed in the Ram temple premises and worship was done. Then there was sugar residence and fruit residence. On January 21, the idol of Ramlala seated in the temporary temple was installed in the new temple.

Anuradha and Sonu Nigam recited hymns to Ramlala.

Celebrities from the film world were also present at the consecration ceremony. Famous bhajan singers Anuradha Paudwal, Sonu Nigam and Shankar Mahadevan recited bhajans to Ramlala before his death. During the function, the campus resonated with the melodious sound of more than 50 captivating musical instruments. The coordinator of this auspicious musical program was litterateur Yatindra Mishra.

Singer Sonu Nigam mesmerized everyone with his soulful rendition of Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari…. In the same sequence, Anuradha Paudwal enthralled everyone by presenting Payo Ji Maine Ramratan Dhan Payo. Singer Shankar Mahadevan made everyone happy by presenting Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhaj Man Haran Bhay Bhava Darunam in praise of Shri Ram. The guests present at the function also got immersed in devotion by praising Shri Ram.

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