Stock Market: Stock market became ‘rocket’ as soon as it opened, Sensex ran 600 points… HDFC Bank jumped

As soon as the stock market opened on Friday, it started running rapidly. Sensex opened more than 600 points higher and was trading at 71,786, while Nifty was above 21600.

Stock Market: Stock market became 'rocket' as soon as it opened, Sensex ran 600 points... HDFC Bank jumped
Market Jumped

After the huge fall of the last three days, a tremendous rise was seen in the stock market.

As soon as BSE Sensex and Nifty opened, they started moving upwards rapidly. Sensex closed at 71,186.86 yesterday, compared to which it opened 600 points higher at 71,786.74 on Friday i.e. today.

Among the top 30 BSE listed stocks, only IndusInd Bank was trading in the red. A tremendous rise was seen in all the other shares.

Talking about Nifty

Nifty opened today at 21,615.20 level. It had jumped 183 points as soon as it opened. Apart from this, Bank Nifty was also in the green zone today, rising 420 points or 0.92 percent and trading at 46,134 level.

HDFC Bank rose so much

Out of the top 30 shares of BSE, 29 shares were trading in the green zone. Only IndusInd Bank shares were seen falling.

HDFC Bank shares were trading at Rs 1490 per share, up 0.20 per cent. Apart from this, stocks like Tata Steel, PowerGrid, Sun Pharma and Tata Motors were up.

Maximum shares of Titan were trading at Rs 3839 per share, up 2.66 percent.

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