Things That Makes me Feel Nostalgic

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Although I am a happy person and rarely feel sad,

but still there are some things in everyone’s life which make a person sad, in the same way there are some things in my life too which make me sad.

I would like to tell you, first of all, I am away from home for almost 10 months in a year and am able to spend only two months with my family. Sometimes it makes me very sad.

Secondly, I feel a little sad to think that the girl who will leave her family for me and come to my house,

I will be able to give her time only for one to two months in a year.

Third, I have many debates about the struggle of the middle class, why people are divided into middle class, lower class and Upper class.

Sometimes I feel sad with my job because sometimes we have to go to places where there is no network and we cannot talk.

And the biggest thing that makes me sad is that we never get the one we love so deeply.

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